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How to plan your wedding

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

A step by step guide of what to do after you've said 'Yes!'

Step one

Find your dream wedding location and book your venue, or request permission from the land owner if you are holding your celebration out of doors. Remember that it need not be a licensed venue if you choose an Independent Celebrant.

Step two

Once you have booked your dream location, the next thing is to ask your celebrant to check their availability. Have a consultation in order to confirm they are the right fit for your wedding, and make time to get to know each other before your big day. Together you and your celebrant can discuss your wishes, collect your stories, write your vows, and create a beautiful, personal ceremony that is uniquely yours.

Step three 

You must both register your intent to marry at your local registry office. This must be done at least 28 days before your wedding celebration and enables the registration service to prepare your legal documents and record the details of your forthcoming marriage, it will cost about £45 per person.

Step four

Your celebrant will perform your ceremony, so you will only require a simple statutory service at your local Registrars office to complete your legal paperwork and declarations. This can be booked in on a date nearer your wedding day, usually the day before. 

You are free to choose when this takes place so book your legal signing in when it suits you.  


On the day of your statutory ceremony at the Registrars office you will be required to bring your two chosen witnesses and declare that you are free to marry. You will then ask them to witness your contract of marriage. The vows and ring exchange will be saved for your wedding ceremony.

This costs about £46 + £4 for the marriage certificate.

Step five

You are then free to hold your ceremony at your chosen venue. You can make your promises in front of all those you love, enjoy live music, include memorable moments, ask friends and family to contribute and celebrate your day in a way that is totally unique to you both.

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