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Good News for Scotland

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Weddings are now free from all restrictions.

So many of us have found our plans thwarted by the Corona Virus, but hopefully we can now make genuine decisions about our future dates and dreams.

This is wonderful news, especially for couples who have had to postpone, reschedule and even cancel their special day.

I have been involved with many end of life ceremonies too, and the heartache that families feel when they can’t gather to grieve has been very distressing.

So, from this day forward…… let us think about how we can include those who still might not be able to travel, or who can’t be a part of your day because of number limitations. Of course these limitations might not be because of the pandemic, but due to the venue capacity, and of course, more importantly the budget. Here are some suggestions that you might add to your Wedding Admin list..

1. Make a scheduled moment on the day to pop by – if they live locally – after the ceremony, before the reception – imagine the joy of finding the newly married couple standing on the front door step in all their finery! – perhaps you could let a friend know you are on your way – to gather everyone to their door steps – and do a lap of honour amongst friend and neighbours.

2. Send flowers or bubbly to arrive on the morning of your wedding to let friends or family know that they are in your thoughts. They can celebrate in unison.

3. Although the day is hectic and you long to take five minutes even just to talk to each other, try to schedule some minutes to zoom or face-time with loved ones far away, they will feel delighted to be a part of your day.

4. Delegate to someone good with their phone, to live stream the ceremony. Some venues have this facility already, but with advance warning, a tech savvy guest could gather up all the contacts and do this through Facebook or E-there.

5. Ask your absent loved ones to pre-record their chosen verses, play the piano, tell a short tale, or whatever they want to share, and then have those elements included in the ceremony.

6. At the reception, ask absent guests to record short speeches which could be included, or sent, and read out by another guest. Some venues make the sound quality difficult, so if it’s a funny tribute, some of it could be lost while others are laughing, so think about how you might present this – I was just remembering that sweet scene with Mark & Juliet in ‘Love Actually’ where he holds up placards to say ‘To Me You Are perfect’…..

7. It was always a tradition to post out a piece of wedding cake as a memento to those who couldn’t attend. This is now doubly important, not only to remember those who would have been there if they could, but as a way of sharing out the abundance of cake that might well be left over !

So let us keep positive, we have all learnt a lot in the last two years, hopefully it will mean that we are all now better prepared.!

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